Who we are

The Victorian Lung Cancer Registry (VLCR) is a clinical quality registry, which collects information about diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of individuals diagnosed with lung cancer in Victoria. The registry is managed by the Cancer Research Program part of  Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.

The VLCR pilot study was established in 2011 in conjunction with the Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium. A successful grant application to the Victorian Cancer Agency provided funding to complete a 3 year pilot program, recruiting all newly diagnosed lung cancer cases from participating sites in Victoria. The VLCR is now operating as an ongoing Registry, housed at the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.

Information from the Registry will be used to describe lung patient care pathways and outcomes. Quality indicators derived from these descriptions will be used to drive quality of care for clinicians, institutions and health services in Victoria. The development of a lung cancer quality registry has the further potential to provide a ‘data spine’ to facilitate collaborative multidisciplinary lung cancer researchers across Victoria.

Our purpose

The main aim of the VLCR is to monitor the patterns of care and outcomes of individuals diagnosed with lung cancer in contributing Victorian public and private hospitals. The Registry provides population-based information on the patterns of care for people diagnosed with lung cancer and assesses whether there is variation in health-related quality of life and survival following diagnosis of lung cancer across Victoria.

Clinical registries such as the VLCR are valued tools for quality improvement. They improve care by arming doctors and teams treating lung cancer with information about how their outcomes benchmark with standards and other clinical outcomes, both locally and (sometimes) internationally. Registries identify variation in patterns and processes of care and outcomes and factors that influence adverse outcomes. Registries also provide a valuable tool to track how innovations in the science translate into longer term outcomes in the ‘real world’.

We are therefore committed to informing evidence-based practice in cancer care and improving quality of care for all Victorians experiencing lung cancer.

Why participate

By participating and allowing information about your diagnosis, treatment and health outcomes to be collected by the VLCR, you are contributing to the improvement of the quality of care and outcomes for patients diagnosed with lung cancer in the future.

The cluster of centres selected to participate in the registry have been made to reflect current practice in lung cancer care centres in tertiary referral centres, regional metropolitan and rural centres based in both public and private hospitals in Victoria.

The VLCR is an opt-out registry which holds participant discretion and privacy with the utmost regard. We are committed to maintaining participant autonomy and confidentiality at all times. Participants wishing to remove consent to participate in the registry can do as at any time.


In 2018, more than 12,000 Australians will be diagnosed with lung cancer


Over 9000 patients are participating in the VLCR


48 health services are currently participating in the VLCR across Victoria